I had a little retreat, the Ignatian way, that finished yesterday, and I am delightfully surprised how beautiful it was for something so short. I even received a precious gift from the Father with this verse, “Though the mountains leave their place and the hills be shaken, my love shall never leave you nor my covenant of peace be shaken.”

A love that does not change, is the love of God for us. It was the sweetest and most incredible love even before we took notice of it. It is still like that now even as I am pondering about it. And it will still be like that if one day I’ll wake up and find myself depressed and disappointed, unloved, and a failure. It’s like God is always on the same day, wearing the same shirt, even as we sleep and awaken, sleep and awaken, our moods changing, our lives going up and down. And all the while, God never stopped looking at us with love. We find Him still, with the same incredible, tender love for us, like the first day we discovered it, and was sure it is for real. And we discover again that it is still real and always had been in all its sweetness and immensity. Like He is always on the same day with the same shirt, wearing the same love for us, that day that He loved us, a day that never ends.

On another note, I am reminded of a poem I wrote few months ago. Because He is always the same, He is always with us, and actually, that’s the only thing that assures us in this life.